Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Healthier Hair

Tea tree oil shampoo is a kind of shampoo that is made from tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is one of the best essential oils. It has so many benefits for hair health and treatment. That is why there are many people who use this essential oil as their shampoos. There are many people who have proven this tip and it is very effective. So, considering the effectiveness, you need also to try this at home. If you are curious about it, this article will discuss it more.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo
Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

  • The Benefits of Tea Tree oil for Hair
Shampoo with tea tree oil is increasingly more popular. It is a good choice because this kind of shampoo contains some properties. One of them is sodium Laureth sulfate that function to give foaming effect to your hair. Besides that, it also contains palysorbates that functions to bind the oil and water. Then, the amodimethicone content will be able to seal in the moisture and also make your hair smoother. In addition, there is also diethanolamine as the carcinogen.

  • Tea Tree Oil for Dry or Damaged Hair
You can make your own tea tree oil in shampoo. To make it, you need about 10 drops of lavender oil, 10 drops of tea tree oil, and 15 drops of rosemary oil. Besides that, you also should prepare 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil as well as a tablespoon of vitamin E oil. Then, add a quarter cup of distilled water and a quarter cup of liquid castile soap. Mix them and then shampoo your hair with this mixture wholly. Wait a few minutes and then wash your hair.

  • Tea Tree Oil for Oily Hair
Besides that, you can also make your own tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. To make this shampoo, you need basil oil with 15 drops, Grape seed oil with 2 tablespoons, and tea tree oil with 25 drops. Besides that, prepare a quarter cup of honey, liquid castile soap, and distilled water. Lastly, add a tablespoon of vitamin E oil. After you mix them all, directly apply to your hair for a few minutes. Regular shampooing will give the better result. Anyway, it is one of the ideas of tea tree oil shampoo that you can try.

  • Tea Tree Oil for Fine Hair
For normal or fine hair, it will be easier for you to apply it. You can make DIY this oil shampoo with the similar ingredients with the previous one, added with 20 drops of chamomile roman oil and a quarter can of coconut milk. Besides that, you can also consider buying a shampoo that contains this essential oil. In this case, you have to make sure that you buy the best tea tree oil shampoo so that you will get the best result.

  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil Shampoo
If you are looking for the best essential oil shampoo, Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shampoo can be your best choice. It will be best for invigorating cleanser. If you shampoo your hair with this shampoo regularly your scalp will the healthier and your hair will be stronger. Besides that, your hair will also feel fresher all day. Anyway, compared to the other shampoos, it can be the best option.

That is all about this essential oil shampoo that we can discuss. Some hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff, head lice, and other hair problems can be treated well and fast with this oil. Hopefully this will be a useful reference for you who want to make your hair always healthy. Anyway, if you are interested in tea tree oil shampoo, you can follow those tips above.