Tea Tree Oil Uses for Skin and Hair

Tea tree oil is a kind of essential oil that comes from Australia. There are many tea tree oil uses that you can get. The uses are also various. It can be seen that there are many products that contain this essential oil. For example, most shampoos contain this oil. Besides that, most skin care products also contain this essential oil. It shows that this oil has great benefit, especially for skin and hair. So, if you want to know more about it, this article will discuss the benefits of this essential oil focusing on the skin and hair.

tea tree oil uses
Tea Tree Oil Uses

Tea Tree oil Benefits for Skin
There are many kinds of skin problem. One of them is ring worm. Ring worm is a kind of infection that can happen not only to animals but also to men. It is commonly caused by microsporum. To treat it, you just need to apply some drops of this essential oil to the infected skin. Besides that, athlete’s foot can also be one of the most common skin problems. It usually occurs between toes with red and rash. You can also use this essential oil to treat that problem. Anyway, it belongs to tea tree oil uses for skin.

Insect bites can also cause skin problem, especially itching. Itching is a condition that is very uncomfortable on your skin. Different insect bites may takes different long times to treat. However, this essential oil will be able to treat your itching fast. To treat the itching, you can apply it on the bitten area. Massage it carefully and smoothly until it gets better condition. Wait a few minutes and the bitten skin will get well soon. Anyway, it can be one of the uses for tea tree oil that you have to know.

Then, acne can be the most common skin problem. Acne can happen to men and women, kids and adults. So, anyone can get this skin problem. There are many factors that cause acne. For example is the bacterium on your skin. Besides that, sensitive skin may also have the higher risk of acne. Anyway, you have to treat your acne so that you will feel more confident. Fortunately, it is not difficult because you can use this essential oil to remove your acne. Of course, it will be very useful and helpful. That is why it belongs to one of the best uses of tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil uses can also relate to warts treatment. If you do not care about your cleanliness, your skin may get warts. It is not only painful but also uncomfortable. You usually feel itching and even more it looks bad. Tea tree oil can be the safe and natural treatment for this skin problem. There are still many other uses of this oil related to skin such as dry skin, soften corns, scraps, cuts, etc. Anyway, you should know so that you can apply it.

Tea Tree Oil Benefits for Hair
This essential oil is not only good for skin treatment but also good for hair. There are many hair problems that often occur. One of them is hair fall. Hair fall can happen to anyone. So, you have to be careful. If you have hair fall problem, you can apply tea tree oil on your hair especially the scalp. Massage it wholly and regularly then feel the difference after a few days. It is one of the best tea tree oil uses for hair.

Besides that, tea tree oil is also very effective to fight lice. In fact, lice can cause many problems for your hair. In this case, you can either apply this essential oil to your hair directly or choose a shampoo that contains tea tree oil or other essential oils. It will not only fight the lice but also prevent the lice to come back again. Considering the effectiveness, it can be considered as one of the best tea tree oil uses related to hair.

Then, dandruff is also one of the most common hair problems. That is why there are many shampoos that offer dandruff solution. However, not all dandruff shampoos are safe because of the different types of hair. However, tea tree oil will be safe and effective for any type of hair. So, if you have a dandruff hair problem, you should consider treating it using tea tree oil.

Lastly, tea tree oil can also be used to fasten the hair growth. There are many people who have hair growth problem. Some people want their hair grows faster. There are many hair products that can fasten the hair growth but not all of them are effective and safe. Fortunately, this essential oil can be a good problem and there is no side effect if you apply it. After you know those tea tree oil uses, you should think to look for the other benefits for this essential oil.